Posted by Kit Dodd on
Posted by Vicki Feldman on
Posted by sue jacobs on
wow! i'm so proud of all the effort that went into this web site. can't wait to see more and more unfold, especially a gallery of pics.
Posted by Lao Che on
This is great news! Would love to hear a film composers concert - especially Bernard Herrmann suites! Maybe a little John Williams to boot! That would be fabulous! Looking forward to more concerts!
Posted by Tina Lee on
Posted by J Wickman on
Am so glad to see the effective use of media in your efforts, especially the website, email, facebook etc.
Posted by Jackie Wogick on
Way to go! Great website, great photos! Terrific efforts everyone!
Posted by shuodiao on
I want to play my viola in this symphony~!
Posted by admin on
Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheered me up!
Posted by Lisa Bustin on
I'm so glad there is a Symphony Syracuse. Will you consider doing a Christmas concert with music that children would enjoy? It could be a family event like playing Christmas carols,etc. Please consider this idea. Thank you.
Posted by joe roma on
I am the Principal Timpanist with Binghamton's Tri-Cities Opera and a percussionist with the Binghamton Philharmonic. I taught with Elmar Oliviera in the Music Dept. at Binghamton University and currently teach percussion at Broome Community College. I live just 40 minutes away (in Whitney Point, NY) and would love to perform with your new orchestra. Please inform me of any auditions and/or references you would require. Best of luck with the new venture! Joe Roma (
Posted by B Wallauer on
Thank you all for keeping a classical tradition alive in Syracuse. You are a vital part of our community and I congratulate you for your determination to continue providing fantastic entertainment to upstate NY.
Posted by John krell on
As a 25 yr season ticker holder of the symptony, I wholeheartley support the position of Symphony Syracuse in that we need a PROFESSIINAL orchestra, with professional musicians,and as soon as possible, not 4 or 5 years in the future.
Posted by Eileen krell on
I am 100 per cent in support of symphony syracuse
Posted by Robert Nagel on
We were subscribers to the SSO and disappointed at the dissolution of the SSO in its 50th year. Living, near Ithaca, we do not have regular access to news about Symphony Syracuse. What happened to the mail and subscriber lists from the SSO? It seems that would be the best way to recruit intrest in Symphony Syracuse.
Posted by Stephen Wallace on

Perhaps you have seen this. I just viewed it and thought ... smart marketing.


Stephen Wallace
Posted by Michael Maehle on
Why don't you put up the Box Office Location and Hours of operation on the website? It is completely cumbersome to have to search out the program on the website and call the telephone number only to be told to save on additional charges to visit the box office in person! THAT information should be prominent on the website! If the point of the website is to get butts in the seats, then you should make it as clear and simple as possible for people to get their butts in the seats!
Posted by william R. Hanley on
I have been a loyal follower of the Syracuse Symphony since its inception. I was present at the first concert given in November of 1961. It took place in Lincoln Auditorium in Central High School under the direction of its founder, Karl Kritz. I most certainly KNOW that the present members of Symphony Syracuse are the ones and only ones to be considered for a continuation of first class symphonic music here in Syracuse. Let's all support their efforts one hundred per-cent. Sincerely, William R. Hanley
Posted by Nancy Jackson on
I must tell you what an enjoyable evening we had at your Holiday Pops concert at Wells College on December 1st. As a past season subscriber to SSO Pops Series, it was a delightful time.

Thank you & we are looking forward to more concerts.
Posted by Jayne A. Humbert on
Keep up[ the great work! I enjoyed Messiah at Hendricks and the Pops concert.

Now... Where is the calendar for Jan and Feb? I want to take a friend to a concert.
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